Financial Freedom Begins With a Simple Budget

by Sean Chuplis on April 13, 2011

A simple budget is the first step on your path to financial freedom. Your budget should make sense and be easy to follow. Do you know where you’re spending your money? Now, in the high end mobile technology world, you can trade stocks on the go. There are apps that work best in your geological location. For example, if you belong to Ireland, you will come across some of the best trading apps ireland that help you buy and sell stocks on the go.

Building your wealth

How much you get paid every year is not a measure of your wealth. The number you need to concentrate on is the difference between what you make and what you spend. You’ll never know this number without a budget. I call it your wealth potential. Maximize your wealth potential and you’re well on your way to financial freedom. You can increase your wealth by setting aside a percentage of your budget for investments such as trading. Bitcoin trading is popular right now, and it can help you earn a lot of money. Earning more money with bitcoin can be achieved using auto-trading bots like Bitcoin Era. To set ourselves apart from the many other bitcoin trading bots on the market, we offer the ability to test trade and have published the Bitcoin Era app erfahrungen of various traders. You can invest in bitcoins and build your wealth.

Sounds simple enough but most people don’t follow a budget and have no idea how they spend their money every month. With every promotion and pay raise comes more expensive toys, flashy new cars, more and more stuff. These things may make you feel rich but in reality they’re keeping you in the poor house. There’s a simple rule you need to follow no matter how much money you make:

“Live within your means. Spend less money than you make.”

Think about your personal finances like a business. The success of a business is measured in how much profit they make. Profit is what’s left over after all the expenses are paid. Would you want to own a convenience store where your monthly rent was consistently higher than your sales for the month? You’d be out of business quickly. You might think someone earning $200,000 a year is rich but if they spend all of it on expensive cars, meals, vacations, and rent they have no wealth potential. They’ll be broke the minute their high-paying job dries up. We’ve all heard stories of celebrities who have blown through their money and hit rock bottom after making millions.

Simple BudgetCreate a simple budget

How do you break this vicious cycle? You need to create a simple budget and follow it. You don’t need a complicated system listing every possible category you spend money on. Make a simple plan and follow it. Grab a sheet of paper or a spreadsheet and list out your monthly expenses. If you need some automation try out and use their budgeting tools online or their phone app.

Simple budgets use percentages

Your budget categories should be a percentage of your income. Strive to spend no more than 50% of your income on all your expenses (rent, food, car payments, utilities, entertainment). It’s not feasible for all of us to live on Airman Basic pay but who says you have to blow through all of your promotion and bonus money? By making your budget a percentage of your income, your living costs can only increase as a fraction of your income.

If you don’t have a budget, start one. If you have one now is a good time for a tune up. If you’ve started a money log you’ve learned some lessons on how you spend. What expenses are taking up the biggest chunk of your budget? What can you do to keep your budget under control?


Bank of America Accelerated Cash RewardsDo you need cash back on every day purchases not fitting into a special category? Bank of America gives you 1.25% cash back on all purchases, a rate 25% higher than all other cards I’ve seen. It’s the catch all rewards card in my military credit cards lineup. You can earn higher rates on specialized categories but you might as well get cash back for every day spending.

A penny saved is a penny earned

A Penny Saved is a Penny EarnedAccording to the Department of Labor, the average American spends $50,486 a year. If you use your credit card responsibly and get 1.25% back in the form of rewards you’d earn $631 a year. Most credit cards only offer you 1% cash back on all purchases, a difference of $126 a year in savings.


Credit card rewards only work if you’re using them as a part of your budget and paying them off in full every month. Credit card companies are hoping you’ll only pay the minimums and carry a balance. Pay them off in full and you’ll capture hundreds of dollars in savings every year.

Final verdict

If you know of a better cash back credit card with no limits please share. This is a great catch all rewards card for spending that doesn’t fit in a specialized category like gas or restaurants. To find a profile and application for Bank of America Accelerated Cash Rewards type it into the search box on There’s no annual fee. If you have any experiences with this cash rewards card please share them in the comments below.


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